A beginning

Hello my lovely reader,

I’m glad you came here!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Silvia, I’m 21 years old and as you can see this is the very first post on this blog. It feels weird to be writing this…but let me tell you, a dream is coming true for me today!

I have always been passionate about beauty and cosmetics. I grew up seeing my mum buying expensive creams to put on, dedicating some to time every night to taking off her makeup and looking after her skin (I must say, she does have very good skin now). I remember going to her cabinet while she was away to have a look at the things she bought. She always had something new, so that she would never have to go without one of her products. I used to enjoy touching the new items, still wrapped in the plastic packaging, and sneaking a peek. It goes without saying, I still do it when I’m at home.

I hope this blog will be a place where I can let my creativity out and share with you my thoughts on beauty products, my favourite places, books and –  why not – life itself.

I wish you a happy visit to TheSkinCabinet!

Have a great day!



  • Cat L

    Hi Silvia,
    Congrats on starting a blog! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you and am looking forward to your next post! Great job! PS. I can totally relate! I was raised by my grandparents and grew up watching my grandma take care of her skin and enjoying everything beauty related! Having my own beauty/skincare/lifestyle blog makes me reminisce about her often!
    ~ Cat L.

    • Hi Cat! Thanks for the lovely comment! It’s nice to see you here 🙂
      Beauty is probably something girls have in their dna, all my girl friends who love make-up/skincare are just like their mums/grandmas! 🙂 xx

  • Lucy Dorling

    Congratulations on your blog, I look forward to seeing what is coming up in the future. I hope it will be successful for you, starting a blog is an amazing experience and I hope you enjoy it xx

    • Thank you very much Lucy! I have found the instagram beauty community to be extremely friendly and this makes the whole experience more pleasant 🙂 xx Have a great Sunday!