5 tips to make your skin look better in 4 weeks

Hello my dear reader,

today I want to share with you my top 5 tips for a healthy skin that can make a great difference starting from 4 weeks. These are the things I’d recommend to my best friend and are the basis of any skincare regimen.

They might seem very obvious for all the skincare-junkies out there, but I have imagined some readers might have never really bothered about having a skincare.

1. Never ever go to bed with your make-up anymore

Just don’t do it please! Those 5 extra minutes in the middle of the night will make a difference on how your skin. She will be grateful. Also avoid sweating with your make-up on. I know it’s tempting to go to the gym with your best cat-eye look. But the sweat along with the powder on your skin and the pollution from the outside are a lethal mix for your skin. Nobody expects you to look perfect while your working out!

2. Invest time and money in cleansing

It doesn’t have to be very expensive, you don’t have to spend 50 euros on it, but a 3 £ one will certainly not be as good as a 30 £ one (not all the times, see some very good ones here). Once you have a cleanser, use it properly to wash your face/remove your make-up twice a day. Remember: cleansing is the first and most important step of every routine.

3. Drink more water

Easy as a glass water 🙂 It doesn’t take a big effort and in the long-term makes a whole difference to your body and face skin. At least you’ll not be dehydrated, a condition that often affects our skin and I promise you will feel better, less tired and your body skin will glow.

4. Stop all the foam and super matte products

I don’t have much to say about it. They just aren’t good for your skin, even if this it oily. Trust me, I have been there too and even if they promise to do it, infact they only make your skin feel dried out for a couple of hours and then it goes back to the usual greasyness.

beautiful skin cleansing

5. Declutter your skincare routine and leave it time to work. 

Most products take weeks, if not months, to give results and that’s why I never review products I have only used for little time. It’s very important, if you are starting to experiement with skincare, that you only select a few products and stick to them for some time to really see if they work or not and how your skin reacts.

6. Extra tip

If you have an important concern with your skin, try to go to a dermatologist. I’m talking about skin issues like acne/rosacea/dermatitis. He’s the one who can give the best and most effective advice. This can be very expensive, but consider all the money you are otherwise wasting in wrong products. A doctor, if you a have a specific problem that has to be cured, is the only one who can help you save it.

Let me know if you have any other effective tips!

Have a lovely day!



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  • Excellent Post !! I couldn’t agree with more with you on this. Though I need to declutter my stash;)
    I have always felt that instead of attacking the skin , you need to have a milder approach when it comes to issues like acne. Too much exfoliation , acids and using too many actives at once can only harm your skin.
    Loved your post and looking forward to more .

    • Thank you Molly!
      My aim was to give some “beginners” advice, and these are the things that came to mind.
      I used to have acne, from 14 to 19 (I’m 21 now) and I regret a lot using all those foaming and matte products that did nothing but weaking my skin making it a perfect habitat for bacteria. Thank God I’m now on the other side, dry patches, rednesses, dehydrated skin…which is a lot better for my confidence, but still not “perfecet skin I dream of” 😉
      Thanks for your lovely comments, it means a lot to me!


  • Cat L

    Silvia, this is such a great post! Love all the tips and suggestions you provide. There isn’t much to comment as I agree with you 100% percent. The one thing I would however stress is decluttering the routine especially when the skin is acting up. A lot of skincare bloggers post different routines every day, but that is not for everyone to follow. We are all different and we each have only one skin. Great job with the post!
    ~ Cat L.

    • Thanks a lot Cat for stopping by. I’m glad that you agree with me, you are totally right and, as I wrote in the post, is better to have few good quality product (which doesn’t alway equal very expensive), stick to them and leave them time to work without “confusing” your skin. Even though we all love accumulating skincare products in our stash…they take time to work properly (especially serums and acids in my opinion…). Have a great day my dear!


  • This was such an awesome post! My skin has been pretty bad recently so these tips are super helpful! For me I think I don’t drink enough water to be completely honest, it’s a really bad habit of mine and this was a friendly reminder to drink more water! It’s the cause of my headaches and could even be making my skin look not-so-great. Thanks again for the awesome post xxx

    Mae ♥


    • TheSkinCabinet

      Thanks for you lovely comment Mae! I’m glad it helps and yes, you should definitely increase your water intake, try to always carry a bottle with you, at work, when you go out, nex to your laptop… thanks to you 🙂 xx

    • TheSkinCabinet

      Hi Mae,
      sorry for my late answer. I’m glad you liked my post. Yuou definitely need to increase your water intake…it’s easieri than it seems actually, just try to always carry with you a bottle of water, wherever you go and when you are at the computer.
      Thanks for your lovely comment, I really appreciate it!

    • Hi Mae,
      thanks for the lovely comment. I tried to reply to you earlier but Disqus won’t let me do it. So I wrote my reply multiple times. You definitely need to drink more water and it’s actually easier than it seems. Just try to always carry with you a bottle, when you’re going out and when you are working at the computer. It works!
      I’m glad you liked my post.

  • The Sunday Mode

    I think ditching the foam products is a great tip, they dry out my skin so much. I think getting enough sleep regularly is a great way to improve your skin as well.


    • That’s so true! I will definitely make a second post on tips to get better skin and I’ll make sure to include this. Thanks for stoping by 😉 x

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  • Fab tips for good skin, so true re going back to a basic routine, I see so many on IG overusing skincare ..it’s crazy! The skin gets overloaded. My other ‘top tip’ is SPF everyday as its the biggest ageing factor.
    Heidi x

    • Hi Heidi!
      First of all thanks for stopping by. You’re totally right, Spf is very important and even though I’m very young I use it every day with few exceptions. The only reason why I haven’t included it in my list is because it’s not something that gives results in the short-term, but rather in the very loooong term. And I wanted to only include things that can make a difference to your skin fast. But hopefully I will write a post on the importante of SPF very soon, as the summer is approaching. 🙂 xx

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