2 moisturizers for every skin type

Hi everyone,

Today I’m reviewing two moisturisers I’ve been using throughout the last year. Neither has disappointed me, so hopefully those of you looking for a new day cream will find this helpful.

Kiehl’s – Ultra Facial Cream

This has to be one of my favourite moisturisers of all time. In fact, I’m already using my second jar of it. It comes in a lovely little white 50 ml tub. The only downside to this is that, obviously, you need to put your fingers inside, and I know some people don’t like that, as you may run the risk of contaminating the product. You just have to make sure your hands are clean! 50 ml is a very good quantity and it will last up to 4-5 months of daily use. I only use it in the morning — at night I prefer to use serums — so it’s fair to say I only use it once a day. Even so, the first jar lasted me a long time.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream has a light consistency, though not as light as Toleriane Ultra Fluid. Its aim, as stated on their website, is to “help reduce moisture loss while drawing and absorbing moisture from the air”. It does a good job, in fact in hydrating your skin it makes it feel plump and replenished. As a moisturiser it feels quite rich, it’s easily absorbed by my skin and doesn’t leave any residues. Having combination to dry skin, Ultra Facial Cream has been lovely during the cold months and it’s all I want from a moisturiser. It makes a perfect base for makeup and can be followed by Spf. However, I want to make it clear, it would probably not be the best option if your skin tends to be oily or doesn’t need that much hydration. For that, you could find the perfect option in the Toleriane Fluide, reviewed below.

Now a brief note on the ingredients:

  • Antarcticine: a glycoprotein that protects against dryness, damaging effects of free-radicals, cold temperatures.
  • The Imperata Cylindrica: contains potassium which provides an immediate and lasting hydrating effect, helps skin to store and retain moisture efficiently.
  • Squalane: also present in Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate helps restore skin’s natural moisture balance to keep it extra soft and supple.

To be fair I should say it’s not the greenest cream you can possibly find, by any means. It contains parabens and though it hasn’t given me any issues, I want to make it clear because some people might prefer using something without such ingredients. Kiehl’s does tests on animals (which I’ve only discovered now)*

Price for 50 ml: € 26 / £ 24

Overall judgment: 4.5 / 5

toleriane and ultra facial cream

*Ultra Facial Cream is above – Toleriane Fluide below*

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La Roche Posay – Toleriane Fluide

This is one of the lightest moisturisers I’ve ever tried. Like all La Roche Posay products it is formulated for sensitive and intolerant skins that are prone to allergic reactions, and contains thermal water. So with this one you can be sure your skin won’t react in any way and you’re unlikely to suffer redness or discomfort. The packaging itself is designed to “minimize any possible bacterial contamination” and comes with a pump. Its only problem is that, given the opaque bottle, you won’t see when you’re running out of it, unlike the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial jar.

It has an extremely light watery texture and is very runny. It sinks in the skin even quicker than Ultra Facial Cream and leaves a kind of matte finish. Toleriane Fluide is in fact formulated for combination to oily skin and, though I don’t have oily skin, this works wonderfully when I want to moisturise my skin and don’t currently have any dry patches or specific concerns. If I feel like my skin needs that little more hydration, I’ll go for the Kiehl’s one.

I’ve used it as a morning cream (with an Spf on top or Hydraluron under, or the three of them together) or, on the top of a serum, because it’s so light and gentle you don’t even feel it and won’t make you feel like you have too many layers on.

Just to be clear, LaRochePosay tests on animals too*

Price for 30 ml:  £ 15

Overall judgment: 4/5


*Basically, both these brands belong to L’oréal, which doesn’t test on animals anymore but, exports its products to China. China carries out tests on animals on any product before putting it on the market. Just so you know.

Hope this was helpful. Have you tried any of these two? Let me know.

Have a good day!


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  • I love Toleriane but the Kiehl’s cream wasn’t rich enough for my skin! xx

    Beautylymin| Bobbi Brown Define & Glow Palette Gift Set Giveaway

    • Really? I’m surprised by this! I know they also have a “richer” version of the Ultra Facial Cream which you may like. I’m looking forward to your US haul, have you checked that brand Tula? Have a good day x

      • I think the medication that I am on makes it more difficult for moisturisers to really work as it is much drier than usual, hence my love for richer creams! Yes, have been looking into Tula products & they sound very similar to Aurelia, which I love so I’ve added them to my wishlist! Thanks for the tip! xx

        • You’re welcome my dear. Thanks to you for reading my blog and leaving lovely comments. I really appreciate it! xx

  • Prettypeach Blossom

    I love la Roche posay, though I never new it’s owned by Loreal, Kielhs is amazing. Great informative post Silvia I really enjoyed reading it.

    • Hi Esnath,
      thanks a lot for reading my post 🙂 I’m really glad you enjoyed it! Yes, larocheposay along with Vichy and SkinCeuticals and a lot of other brands is owned by the L’oréal group (must say, my dream is to work for this company ). Wishing you a great day xx


  • La Roche Posay is one of my favourites when it comes to skincare – they’ve never failed me! 🙂
    – Ambar x

    • TheSkinCabinet

      Thank you Amber for reading my post! I love many other products from LaRochePosay! They’re affordable and good for sensitive/intolerant skin. xx

    • Hi Amber,
      thanks for reading my post! I love La Roche Posay and have tried many of their products in the last few years. The only ones which haven’t been effective on me are the ones for acne. The sensitive skin range is great though. xx I hope you have a great weekend!

  • I am always on the look out for new skin products, so glad I stumbled across tour blog.


    • Hi Siobhan, I’m glad this was helpful! Thanks for your kind comment, have a good day xx Silvia

  • I’m forever looking for the perfect moisturiser and although I’ve tried a lot of LRP products I’ve not tried anything from the Toleraine range depsite hearing a lot of good about it. I also never knew there even was a light version of the Ultra Facial Cream from Keihl’s! I’ve only ever heard people talk about the rich option. Great post – I’ll look out for these two 🙂
    Rebecca | Notes From September

    • Hi Rebecca, thanks a lot for stopping by! Definitely look out for the Toleriane range. I don’t know how your skin is, but if you don’t have super dry skin, this range is great and affordable at the same time. There are many Ultra facial creams: there’s a moisturizer (which is richer than this one and comes in a little bottle) and there’s also a richer version of this one for very dry skin. Have a good start of the week xx

      • Ooh thanks for the info! I don’t have super dry skin at all (more oily) so the Toleraine should be more than suitable 🙂

  • Bunmi Bukky Dasaolu

    great review and in depth
    thanks for sharing


    • Thanks to you for commenting 🙂 x

  • I love a light moisturiser for daytime so these sound great!

    Danielle’s Beauty Blog

    • Hi Danielle, if you want something light definitely go for the Toleriane range! x

  • Kelly

    I’ve tried the Toleriane Ultra before, but not the fluide. I liked how it calmed my skin but never really felt like it was hydrating enough. The Kiehl’s one really intrigues me, I’m currently using the Origins Make A Difference Plus moisturiser during the day and while I am pleased with it, I feel like I should try something else to see if it performs even better.

    Kelly Knows It | A life and style blog

    • Hi Kelly! I’m very happy you came here and read my post. I have never tried any Origins product. I’ve heard great things about their masks and I’ll check this moisturizer out. I really recommend you to get a sample of the Kiehl’s one, their staff is usually very friendly if you ask for a sample, even when you’re not buying anything. Good night 🙂 xx Silvia btw, which facial oil have you got at the end?

      • Kelly

        Their masks are lovely, I use the Drink Up Intensive one on a regular basis to give my skin an extra shot of hydration, especially when it needs it after a day at a festival or a night out. I really should go into Kiehl’s sometime soon and ask for a sample, shame the nearest store is all the way in Amsterdam. I’m currently still using the Pai Rosehip oil at night, but I’m quickly nearing the end of it.

        • Well, next time you go to Amsterdam you must visit one of their stores! You may also buy from their site and they send you at least three samples, but obviously you need to already know what you want to get. Do you like the Pai oil? I’m running out of it, just a few more drops left. i can’t believe it lasted me six months!! I will check that mask out, thanks for the advice xx

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