5 Blogging mistakes you should avoid

5 Blogging mistakes you should avoid

Though I’m only 21 I’ve been reading blogs for a long time. I’m sure we can agree on the fact that blogging has spread like wildfire in the last few years, and with that we’ve seen an increase in the effort and work that goes into it, as well as in the quality of the contents. So much so that nowadays people can base their entire careers around it!

I read from blogs every single day, mostly beauty-related ones. This post includes 5 things that have put me off when I’m reading a post or when I’m simply scrolling through a new blog. I would really like to know yours and see if you have my same pet-peeves.

A little disclosure: I wrote these things from a reader’s perspective, because despite having blogged for a month or so now, I’m still a reader above all else! I have a great deal to learn too!

  1. Not having a Bloglovin button

Bloglovin is a wonderful way to catch up with new posts from your favourite bloggers. I love Bloglovin (do you follow me there?). I wonder how I managed to live without it for so long. For me it is extremely important to be able to easily find the Bloglovin button on a new blog so I can make sure not to miss any new post. Bloglovin’s feed is chronological so you can make sure you don’t miss anything if you check it every day.

In addition to that, you can also “like” and save the posts in folders you create. From my perspective, not having a Bloglovin button means that I’m probably less likely to come back to your blog. Make what you want of this, but I’m sure every blogger wants traffic and wants to make sure that their reader comes back again and again…

  1. Not having a simple comment procedure

One the best plugins you can get for your blog is Disqus, an amazing way for readers to easily leave comments and for you, as a blogger, to answer them. It gives you notifications when you get comments as well as answers from other blogs.

You only need to have an account and once you have it and are logged in you won’t have to re-enter your name, email, website etc. every time. I find it a bit annoying when I have to enter my details over and over again. It can be a big turn off for readers, at least for me. I also don’t like the fact that once you’ve left a comment with these other systems you don’t get a notification if the blogger actually replies to your comment. Unless you either a) go back to check it on that blog b) click on “notify me of new comments via email”, the latter meaning that you’ll get an email every time a reader leaves a comment on that blog.

My advice is: get Disqus and enjoy its use. It’s one of those life-changing blog-changing things.

  1. Not engaging with their readers

I don’t know about you, but I always try to leave meaningful comments to any post I read. Obviously, I don’t always leave a comment, but if I do I don’t just write a short sentence and leave a link to my blog, bish bash bosh. No, I always make the effort to write something related to the post, maybe ask something I’m interested in. However, I don’t always assume I’ll get a reply because, the truth is many bloggers don’t bother getting back to their readers! And I’m not talking about those who get over 30 comments for daily posts or have thousands of followers on Bloglovin. No, I’m talking about ‘non-pros’, with a manageable amount of interaction.

Maybe it’s just me, but this totally gets on my nerves. I often have a look at old posts by some bloggers and find that they never reply to comments! Even when they’re genuine comments by genuine readers. Once I see these things I often decide not to leave a comment on purpose, just because I know I’ll feel offended if I don’t get an answer. Let me know what you think of this, do you feel the same?  Am I selfish to look at it this way?

  1. When links open in the same page

That’s a huge pet-peeve. Always double-check that your links (social links included) open in a new tab. Because I really don’t want to go back and forth and lose the page I was reading. Plus, I definitely think it will improve your readers’ “blog experience”.

  1. Not having an ‘About Me’ page

I might be nosy but I always read people’s bio. Some bits of info I like to find out include your name and where you come from (though I haven’t fully stated it, for those who are wondering – I’m Italian). Knowing your name will make it easy for me to communicate with you, making it more natural, like I’m talking to a friend.

I think it’s also a nice idea to include something interesting about you, your background, what you do in life. I love reading these things, after all, we (bloggers) are all people who have a life, feelings and many other things to offer. Finally, the easier the ‘About Me’ page is to find, the better! BTW, you can read mine here.

That’s all that came to mind. I might be doing a second post on more things that get on my nerves in the future but for now, enough complaining from me! I just want to say that if you are reading this, I will still read your blog even if you are not on Bloglovin, leave a comment even if you’re not going to answer (but I will be sad!!) and if you don’t have Disqus I’ll still make the effort to enter my details every time and receive your emails.

Let me know the things that put you off in a blog! It’s nice that we share these kind of things as it can only help us get better!

Have a good day!



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  • Amy Eade

    Engagement to me is one of the most important things! I always make a conscious effort to leave meaningful comments on other people’s blogs and always reply to lovely comments on mine! It’s the little things!
    Amy xx

    • Hi Amy! You are so fast, I had just hit the “Publish” button! Thanks for visiting my blog, these little things really make a difference. We are on the same page with this 🙂 Good night! xx S.

  • I think these are all the same things that get on my nerves regarding finding my way around and engaging with blogs!
    I’m always offended if someone doesn’t reply too – lots of people have the policy of not replying from the start because they won’t when they get ‘big’ but I don’t know how to expect their blog to grow at all with that attitude! Fab post!
    Rebecca | Notes From September

    • Hi Rebecca,
      thanks for reading my post! I had no idea that the reason for that was this! Such a shame that most of these people spend plenty of time writing 30 tweets a day and not even replying to a single comment 🙁 Do you agree? xx

      • I totally agree! I absolutely love engaging and interacting with people who read my blog, it’s the best bit.

  • An about me page is so important! I LOVE knowing more about a person!

    Parie x

    • Hi Parie, it really is. We all need to know that the person behind the blog is a human just like us, and that we might even be friends if we met in real life! Have a good day x

  • Cat L

    Silvia, this is such a great post! I must admit I’m guilty of no. 1 and no. 2 on your list. I don’t have Bloglovin as to be honest, I haven’t had much time to look into it. Same goes for no. 2. I know I should make these two points a priority, but I think I’ve been so focused on creating content, that I overlooked certain logistics. Thank you for such an informative post.
    ~ Cat L.

    • Hi Cat!
      Creating good content should be the priority of every blogger, so I don’t blame you for not having bloglovin or Disqus! You do an amazing job and you certainly don’t need my advice on how to run a blog 😉 Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with me! Much love to you xx

  • Love this! No bloglovin’ no follow from me – my inbox is clogged enough and I don’t have time to look for blogs I wanted to read. Plus, I don’t typically click through from Instagram when I see new posts advertised either.
    Bloggers not having Disqus bothers me as well, I can see all the comments I’ve made/replied to/received all in the one place!

    BTW I found you via the group Pinterest board you’re in with Thirteen Thoughts.

    Maddie | http://www.maddiesbeautyspot.com

    • Hi Maddie! I honestly didn’t think that I could get views through that pin, I’m glad you saw it and decided to visit my blog, welcome 🙂 I have the same problem with Instagram, it’s difficult to get views on your blog from there, sadly 🙁 I’m glad we are on the same page on all these points, Bloglovin is a MUST!

      Thanks again for stopping by xx

  • Not engaging with the readers! Yes. Definitely one of my pet peeves. I even see some with like five comments but no reply from the blogger. It turns me off because I like leaving long comments and if the reader won’t even bother acknowledging it, then why would I bother coming back for their other posts?

    xx, Richel Goes Places

    • Hi Richel, thanks for your comment! I totally agree with you. With bloggers that I know will reply to me, I always leave genuine good comments, maybe asking something or just giving my advice. It’s very nice when bloggers leave a question at the end so that you can answer it in your comment. I’m flattered not to be the only one who gets annoyed by these things (and this one in particular). xx

  • Jess Athorn

    It’s SO annoying to have to enter all of your detail for every comment you leave! I get excited when I see these comment boxes now haha and when bloggers don’t engage with their readers? That’s just plain rude! Especially if they’re making money from their blog! I personally find comment discussion really fun and interesting – I love reading what other people’s opinions are on different topics! I think I am currently guilty of not having a bloglovin link so I’ll have to get that sorted 😉

    • Hi Jess,
      thanks for stopping by. As I’ve seen from the previous comments we all agree on this point and I’m happy of this, because it seems like a topic few bloggers talk about. But it really annoys me, just as you said, when big bloggers cannot find 30 minutes a day to engage with their readers…I don’t know why most of these readers even bother to leave a comment, knowing for sure that they won’t get a reply. Comments section on these blogs are just a plain display on numerous links to blogs, because readers just leave a one-line sentence and the link to their blog, hoping to get some views from it.

      Talking about Bloglovin: you just need to create your blog and after that you connect it to your blog by clicking on “Claim you blog”, it’s quite automatic and doesn’t take much time, I promise 🙂 xx

  • Found you via twitter!! Hi there! Yes, it’s really annoying to re-enter your info over and over. This is exactly why I use Disqus! I have Bloglovin’ but never really generated any growth from using it. I’ll follow you there though.

    • Thanks for mentioning you found me via twitter 🙂 It’s hard to know who gets here from there. I honestly don’t know how many views I get from Bloglovin, but I know that it’s a lovely tool for me to follow my favourite bloggers and also save posts that I liked. And in the same way people who like your blog will be able to follow you there and see when you post something new, which I think is really good. Thanks a lot for stopping by xx

  • Hi Silvia,

    This is such a wonderful post. I feel terrible that I haven’t joined the bloglovin app. I think I have made an account but didn’t indulge in it. I feel joining too many social media outlet will be too difficult for me to manage. But I’ll try to incorporate the things you have mentioned. This was so helpful. Thank you so much.

    Molly xx

    • Hi Molly!
      I’m so glad you read this and liked it. You do have bloglovin!! I follow you there and see when you post something new from there 😉 You don’t really have to use bloglovin, you just need to have an account and connect it to your blog, which it seems like you’ve already done! I know all these social media can be overwhelming, but I think you just need to focus on one or two, which you already do.
      A big hug to you xx

  • Hi, good helpful post for new bloggers and your blog is fab. One thing I hate on a blog is too many ads, especially the pop ups & subscription boxes, they’re a pain.
    Heidi x

    • Thank you Heidi, I’m glad you liked my post 🙂 🙂 I’m flattered! I hate ads too and I wonder who ever clicks on them ??? If I’ll ever do a second post on the topic, I’ll include this xx

  • Prettypeach Blossom

    This such simple yet very valid points Silvia & I have to say on some points, I am totally guilty. And hence the reason I get high traffic on my blog but few comments.

    • I’m glad you found this helpful Esnath! This is obviously my personal point of view, not general rules everyone should follow 🙂 xx Have a great day!

  • Kate Morgan Cecilia

    Really good post!!! It’s got me thinking about some things for my own blog. Thank you!!

    Kate xx


    • Thanks for stopping by Kate, good luck with your blog! I’m glad liked my tips x

  • Ellis Woolley

    Loved this post, I’m still new to blogging but I’ve already realised some pet peeves and totally understand where you’re coming from! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Hi Ellis! Thanks for reading, I’m glad you liked my pet peeves 🙂 Good luck with your blog, I’m a new blogger too! x

  • This is such a good post. Every point is SO true. I HATE it when people don’t have bloglovin. It’s like..’Dont you want me to follow you??’ I’ve only recently changed to disqus and I don’t know how on earth I coped without it. It’s amazing.
    I do agree with you on the comment..replying. But to be honest, sometimes I just don’t reply when people leave like three worded comments. :/ All of your points are perfect, but another I’d like to add;
    It REALLY irritates me when people don’t have a search box! Haha.
    Sarah xxx

    • Hi Sarah! Sorry for my late reply, I must admit that I had totally forgotten to reply to you and only realized it now that a new comment came out. I’m sorry 🙁
      I’m glad you agree with me and I think the same about the very short comments. I know when someone hasn’t read my post and leaves a comment that clearly shows it. It has happened to me many times and I do feel a little disappointed about it because it’s not something I would dare do on someone’s blog. Anyway…you’re right about the search box as well 🙂 have a lovely day and sorry again for not replying to you before.

  • Lauren Rosenbaum

    I definitely agree with what you said about bloggers not replying to comments! I try to always reply, I feel so bad if for some reason I’m not able to, or I don’t get notifications for comments and don’t notice it for a day or two! I also haven’t downloaded Discus yet, but from what you said I definitely will! I didn’t realise how tiring it can be to constantly put in your details. Thanks for all these helpful tips!!! xx

    • Hi Lauren, I was on holiday and on a completely blogging detox, that’s why I haven’t answered to you earlier. I hope you’ll find Disqus useful, it’s really a great tool for bloggers xx Thanks to you for you comment and feedback 🙂

  • Rachael Heritage

    This is really helpful info. I am seriously considering starting a beauty blog and having been thinking this for a long time as I love all things skincare and makeup, but feel it’s a bit of a minefield and don’t know where to begin! I have so much I would love to post so I think I am going to start jotting some notes down and work out a design and layout and see where I go. But it’s really great to see that you are fairly ‘new’ to this as well! Thanks for your advice!xx

    • I’m glad you liked my post Rachael, think twice before starting a blog because it’s really time consuming and some times you will feel bored and with no inspiration. But it can also be very satisfying and worth the efforts!! Thanks for reading xx