Pai rosehip oil and why it didn't work for me

Pai rosehip oil and why it didn’t work for me

Hi everyone,

today’s post is a review of a product which I wanted to fall in love with. After all, I like the British brand Pai, its founder Sarah and its philosophy of creating products for sensitive skin with good ingredients.

This is the first and only product I’ve tried from them. But despite my disappointment and the fact this particular product did not work so well for me, I will try more because I think (and hope) others may do.

I guess everyone has seen this face oil around the Instagram community. I read countless reviews of it before purchasing. Actually, my boyfriend bought it for me as a gift and it was around Black Friday last year, when Beautybay had number of products on offer. It’s still an affordable serum, priced at around £20/26€.

The product

As you can see from the photos, the Pai Rosehip Oil comes in a glass little bottle with a pipe and has a lovely natural orange colour. The packaging is very pretty and there’s nothing I don’t like about it. You get 30 ml which is a lot of product, and I used it every night religiously from January to June. I stopped using it because I noticed the smell of it had changed, though there was a good amount of product left.

I’ll be honest and say I wasn’t a huge fan of its scent, but this hasn’t impacted my judgement. I just thought I’d mention that the natural smell of rosehip oil is not great (and in this case there is no fragrance added to it).

Pai rosehip oil and why it didn't work for me
Pai rosehip oil and why it didn’t work for me

Ingredients and purpose

Pai Rosehip oil claims to be beneficial for different skin conditions: sun damage, acne scars, stretch marks (on the body), hyperpigmentation and fine lines. A lot like retinols, but without being a retinol product. In fact, it’s made up of only four ingredients: rosa canina seed extract, rosa canina fruit extract, tocopherol and rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract. It’s 99% organic, vegan, is not tested on animals and made in the UK (sorry for this long list, I just want to provide all potentially useful info). As from the label:

“Rosehip’s high concentration of vitamin A, carotenoids and omegas, deeply nourish the skin and leave it looking naturally radiant”.

My experience

You may not know but I have many acne scars left from a horrible and painful cystic acne which lasted many years from age 14 to 19. They’re not too deep, thanks to all the different treatments I’ve used, and you can’t easily tell I’ve had acne, especially when I’m wearing make-up and you can’t see the redness I have on my cheeks. I also have a few dark spots, left from old blemishes, those which appear quickly but take months to fade away. From the outset, I had quite high hopes for the product.

I have to say… from a personal perspective, nothing has changed. I really mean that. I have used it every single night for over five months and I haven’t noticed any lasting effects. I was also disappointed by the fact that this oil takes more time than others to sink into the skin (at least compared to Kiehl’s MRC or the body shop Vitamin E), it can stain your pillow case if you go straight to bed and, this is what I didn’t like, I didn’t notice any hydrating effect. I would wake up in the morning and my skin would feel slightly dry, far from being “nourished”.

That’s an overview of my experience. I am perfectly aware of the fact that hundreds of people love this oil and I’m sure different people with different skin types.

Of course, we are all different and I sometimes feel like I need chemicals to see a result on my skin. I may go for something a little more powerful, next time I buy a serum. But I hope to find one with natural ingredients which works a treat.

Have you ever tried this product? Let me know if so!

Have a lovely Sunday!



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Pai rosehip oil and why it didn't work for me

  • Hey Silvia! Luna Oil might be for you if you do have some acne scars that aren’t totally smooth! If midnight recovery (which I loooove) didn’t have an effect on the overall textural issues then Luna will help too. Also I have to recommend the Nip+Fab Glycolic Extreme Pads as that’s just helped fade my acne scars along with Luna Oil! I’ve just followed you on Bloglovin and I would love if you also checked out mine! I look forward to seeing your content!
    Anjna Harish 

    • Hi Anjna, thanks for your comment and for reading my post. I would love to try a product with retinols like Luna, and I certainly will in the future. I also have those pads, thought I’ve never shown them on any picture here on the blog. They are good (I’m half way through them) but I didn’t notice any massive difference in my skin. I have taken a break from acid product but the next month I will start incorporating them to my routine again. I follow you already on Bloglovin and I look forward to reading about your favourite products. xx

  • I appreciate the honest review! I hate the smell of Rosehip Oil too. You’ve given it a long time so you really should have seen a difference at that point if you were ever going to xx


    • Hi Siobhan, yes I feel a bit guilty that I’m the only one who didn’t like it…but I also have to be honest and not only talk about the products I’ve loved, I think on the blog it should be 50-50 on the products I hate/love.

      • Don’t feel guilty! I love to hear honest reviews xx

  • Your actually the first negative review I’ve seen of rosehip! I tried it a while back but wasn’t really too keen on the scent either so I didn’t give it a proper go! Definitely surprised with this one those because Pai is such a lovely brand!

    Georgia | The Weekend Attic

    • Hi Georgia! Thanks for stopping by. I’m not surprised this is the first negative review you read but…I had to be honest and share my personal experience. I would love to try more from the brand and I will, for sure. x

  • S J Thomas.

    Hi. Just noticed this older blog and was relieved to see someone else not altogether pleased with the product.
    I originally received a sample of the oil and on using it noticed an immediate difference to the overall skin tone on my face ( I have redness on cheeks, some broken capillaries and dark spots) so deceived to purchase full size.
    I was already aware of the not too pleasant smell but carried on using it. After a while it just seemed to stop working as if my skin had gotten used to it. So with this on top of the points you raised, smell, staining not absorbing quickly, I decided to stop.
    My main two ‘bug bears’ are the dropper, it leaks if you don’t turn it upside down, and that the orange colour has faded and the smell has changed (which I’m lead to believe are signs of rose hip oil going off!) before I have had time to finish the bottle and before the expire date.
    Maybe they should try a bottle made of dark glass like Noid products do to stop the light getting to the oil.
    Their cream cleanser however is lovely. Very calming to the skin. 🙂