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Skincare gurus and blogs worth a visit

Hi everyone,

The idea behind this post is to share with you the blogs and pages that I like to read and follow for skincare reviews and advice. I thought I would also tell you something about their authors, as some of them have chatted with me so I feel I want to share the love with you and help you find new skincare geeks.

These are all primarily skincare-based blogs. Of course I read lifestyle and make-up blogs too but this post will only be skincare related. I hope you’ll find this useful as these sources are useful for me. There are many more blogs and people I follow but these are those that came to mind first, I might publish another post later on if I realise there was one I forgot to mention.

  • Kim is an Aussie currently travelling around Europe. She used to have a blog but now she has moved everything to Instagram where she posts her daily skincare routines and reviews of products she has finished up or loves. I’m a particular fan of this last part, I trust her opinion —even though I cannot afford most of the things she shows — and I find her reviews very well done.
  • Liz lives in Alaska and has an Insta page. She posts reviews under the #lizalaskabeautyreview hashtag and answers questions with #lizalaskafaq. She was mentioned by Caroline Hirons as someone she follows and gets advice from, so that’s enough to go and follow her. She has one of the prettiest cats I’ve ever seen as well.
  • Jason is someone I love interacting with on his page. He’s Irish and used to have a blog too, but now he only posts on Instagram, reviews and personal bits too. He uses both high end and drugstore products (and he’s a fan of The Body Shop) and always replies and gives advice on products to use. He’s extremely friendly which is a plus.
  • Caroline is a New Yorker who started posting her routines on Instagram. I’ve seen her account grow right in front of my eyes as she’s one of the first I started following last year. She now also has a blog but I like following her on Insta. She knows her thing about skincare and has a ton of reviews posted on her feed (mostly high end products).
  • Fiona is a dear friend of mine, someone I would really like to have a cup of tea with, if only we lived closer. She posts bright and flowery daily routines on Instagram as well as reviews and in-depth ingredient spotlights on her blog. I saw her Insta growing and I’m really happy for her, she likes to learn and read scientific papers (I know, crazy!), plus she’s generous and down to earth.
  • Arly: The queen of skincare routines pictures, hehe. I think her and Fiona’s pictures are the greatest, just have a look and you’ll know what I mean! She knows a lot of stuff about brands, ingredients, new launches. She focuses on green skincare and uses mostly high-end products. I absolutely love her reviews and she’s also the person who knows the brand Deciem the most. So reach out to her if you have any question on Niod (but also Oskia, Votary, Aurelia Skincare and many others…).
  • Siobhán is an Irish blogger who loves make-up and skincare equally. I like her empties posts and her reviews of products I can only dream of now. She is also very kind and always replies to comment and I love this about her. She has Lyme disease, an experience she talks about openly with readers on her blog.
  • Binita lives in Australia and likes green skincare. She posts colourful daily routines on her Insta and lots of in-depth reviews and ingredients spotlights on her blog. She also features a lot of brands I have never heard of, which I really appreciate. There is a mix of both expensive and less expensive products.
  • Sarah is from Dallas and is an aesthetician. Her posts focus on ingredients and how to use certain products like Vitamin C and Retinoids. She’s straightforward and an expert in her field. I like reading her blog and she’s on Instagram as well.
  • Maree is from the US and has a YouTube channel along with a blog. I follow her mostly on YouTube. She likes to share her favourites and she has tried so many products I think she must have a wardrobe as a bathroom cabinet. She likes to share them with her mother which I found really sweet. She also has a great sense of style.
  • Blanche is an Aussie mummy of two, she posts reviews and daily routines on her Insta. She comes across as a very sweet person and she’s guilty of loving expensive skincare, but who can blame her?
  • Emma is from the UK and is a mum too, she likes expensive high-end skincare (she’s a great fan of Zelens) and posts both daily routines and mini reviews of her favourites.
  • Victoria is from the UK as well, and is a trained facialist and pilates lover. I like that she recommends products she likes and most of these are quite affordable and easy to find in Boots. She also has a very good looking family (herself included!).


Hope you liked this kind of post!

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