My Christmas wishes to you

You may have noticed I didn’t post anything Christmas-related on this blog.

First of all, you’ll all know I don’t post very often anyway (naughty me!), but I also believe there were already so many Christmassy posts – with ‘gift ideas’ etc. – out there that I thought there was no point jumping on the bandwagon!

But this post is different, and it’s my way of wishing you a very Happy Christmas. I’m not the greatest fan of it, I suppose not that many people today see it as the religious celebration it originally was and I fear that people just associate it with packed shops and that pressure of buying gifts for your family, friends and sort-of friends.

I remember a few years ago, while in high school, I told two of my closest friends at the time that I thought we could save ourselves some money, and not bother buying anything for one another. I thought it totally made sense, in times of economic crisis, to save that money and avoid buying something none of us really needed. I can clearly remember how they looked at me – it was as if I had committed heresy! Clearly that wasn’t the outcome I’d hoped for but their presents have outlasted our friendship and they still sit somewhere at my parents’ house under a layer of dust.

Putting that little anecdote to one side. I really hope you’ll all receive what you asked for this Christmas. Above all, however, remember that the greatest gift you’ll ever have is love for yourself. I know it doesn’t sound as exciting as “I got the new iPhone 7”, but if you have it, the world is yours and nothing will compare to it.

Love yourself and love everyone around you, and nothing will ever reach that level. The second greatest gift is to have someone to love and who loves you, whether it’s your parents, your boyfriend or girlfriend, a member of your family or your loyal friends (one good friend is better than many lousy ones).

Also, at the risk of sounding more cynical, New Year’s resolutions tend not to last. A positive change in your life can come at any moment, it doesn’t need to happen on 1 January. But if there’s something new you want to do – to make you feel better or improve you as a person – do it right now. If you have the desire and determination, why not?!

I hope you all have a great festive season, that you get to share some time with all your loved ones and that you’ll find happiness in the simple things as well as what’s under your Christmas tree.