remember me

Remember me?

Hi everyone,

It’s Silvia here. I have been away for many months now and I’m not even sure anyone will read this post and realise I’ve been away! Many things have happened and to be honest, I was lacking a bit of mental strength to keep the blog going, write about skincare and follow everyone.

The good news is that I’ve graduated. I finished my three-year course in engineering management and although a part of me is very proud of this achievement, another one feels like I haven’t changed much from the first year until now. I mean in terms of the things I know or the skills I have –  although of course I had to learn a lot of things to pass my exams. I believe in higher education but I wonder whether it’s prepared me for real life.

The bad news is that I have also had some unexpected things happening to me, family related. I won’t share much for now but I’ve had really tough moments where I felt like I had no power over the situation I was going through. For the first time in my life I was sad for reasons that weren’t entirely dependent on me, where I wasn’t the cause and was unable to do anything to fix my family’s problems.

I was also very lucky to have a free summer. I will be back at university again in September for a two-year masters’ course – my final two years! I’m going to attend a European business school and I’m already thrilled. But scared too. I will have to find an internship for next summer and start building my future career in…I don’t know what. But I hope that over the coming months I’ll be able to make up my mind.

So…I was saying that I had enough free time to travel a bit. I went to London to visit my boyfriend, we went together to Lisbon and then I went to Berlin to see a friend. I’m now going to Sicily for a week and I’ve been eating healthily for the past two weeks so I won’t regret my unrestrained food experiences in Palermo and Catania!

That’s it. I’ll try to use this blog more over the next few months as a more personal space and to write about the things I care and I’m passionate about. I hope to fall in love again with blogging…one post at a time.



  • Welcome back 🙂 Sorry to hear you’ve been through some difficult time, unfortunately that’s life and we all experience the good and the bad. It sounds like you had great Summer though, enjoy your trip to Sicily! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    • Thank you very much Dagmara, reading these comments made me really happy. I had a nice time in Sicily, thank you. I will slowly catch-up with the blogs I haven’t read in the past few months. xx

  • It’s so good to see you back! I often checked in to see if you had any new posts. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had some family troubles but Congratulations on graduating! xx


    • Thank you very much Siobhan, your comment made me really happy when I read it while on holiday. Let me know how you are. I have to catch up with all of your posts. When some time ago Oskia released its new products I thought of you! 🙂 xx

  • Welcome back! Sometimes life gets difficult and blogging has to take a step back and I am very sorry to hear you did experience rough times.
    But things will get better, one step at a time, and going to Italy and eating all the carbs will surely help.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    • Thank you very much Anne, this comment is very sweet. I definitely ate too much on this holiday and now that I’m back I need a bit of a detox. Thanks again for taking the time to write me. xx

  • sassy

    Congrats on graduating & I wish you luck on your next 2 years at the university. I hope you’ll find your zest for blogging again

    • Thank you very much! x