remember me

Remember me?

Hi everyone,

It’s Silvia here. I have been away for many months now and I’m not even sure anyone will read this post and realise I’ve been away! Many things have happened and to be honest, I was lacking a bit of mental strength to keep the blog going, write about skincare and follow everyone.

The good news is that I’ve graduated. I finished my three-year course in engineering management and although a part of me is very proud of this achievement, another one feels like I haven’t changed much from the first year until now. I mean in terms of the things I know or the skills I have –  although of course I had to learn a lot of things to pass my exams. I believe in higher education but I wonder whether it’s prepared me for real life.

The bad news is that I have also had some unexpected things happening to me, family related. I won’t share much for now but I’ve had really tough moments where I felt like I had no power over the situation I was going through. For the first time in my life I was sad for reasons that weren’t entirely dependent on me, where I wasn’t the cause and was unable to do anything to fix my family’s problems.

I was also very lucky to have a free summer. I will be back at university again in September for a two-year masters’ course – my final two years! I’m going to attend a European business school and I’m already thrilled. But scared too. I will have to find an internship for next summer and start building my future career in…I don’t know what. But I hope that over the coming months I’ll be able to make up my mind.

So…I was saying that I had enough free time to travel a bit. I went to London to visit my boyfriend, we went together to Lisbon and then I went to Berlin to see a friend. I’m now going to Sicily for a week and I’ve been eating healthily for the past two weeks so I won’t regret my unrestrained food experiences in Palermo and Catania!

That’s it. I’ll try to use this blog more over the next few months as a more personal space and to write about the things I care and I’m passionate about. I hope to fall in love again with blogging…one post at a time.